The naturopathic doctor James Reyes Paredes , born in Ancash , Peru , with great divine revelation and the gift of healing , the use of medicinal plants ( Ayahuasca as white, red and black ) and some small animals such as guinea pig ( cuy ) .

The Master Jacobo Reyes has unparalleled knowledge and inexplicable to modern science and most observers . It blooms for health , love , studies , business and travel, with white or colored flowers and magical fragrances of perfumes.

Jacobo Reyes ‘s fame has transcended the borders of Peru , by the miraculous cures in patients using Ayahuasca for more than 28 years .
It is visited by hundreds of people throughout the world , siblings of different countries come with great enthusiasm to the clinic of the soul , also known as “Casa naturist Kings” in which many people have come out cured , improved health , money and love.

In 2010 the prestigious BBC made ​​a documentary about the Cuy , which was seen around the world, where Jacobo Reyes, demonstrated his skills on the cuy cures reference in times of the Incas or ancestors were called clean , scrimmages or sobadas , James Reyes patentiza this healing as ” x- Cuy ” in which for him serves to diagnose, operate and release the accumulated evil of the human body .

At a congress of quackery hiso Cuy demonstrated and explained in the body of man is as the magnet that draws you to him and the man sticks a print , fright, bad air , bad wind , evil eye, witchcraft and others. ” The guinea pig is like a sponge that absorbs all those evils from the patient and frees you from negative waves .”

” Faith enables us to rejoice in the Lord that our diseases are scenarios in which He manifests His grace. All giants of the faith were weaklings who did great things for God because they were certain that he was with them. ”

” Have faith in the self-made and self-reliance . With the power of thoughts can determine your destiny. ”

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